Basquiat for Schools

Basquiat was a special artist, an autodidact who learned by looking. During the exhibition in SCHUNCK we will look at the artworks with students, talk about it, think about it and get started with the materials that Basquiat used and the things that inspired him. The creating, discovering and investigating abilities of the pupils are stimulated and fed during this special exhibition.

“I never went to an art school. I failed the art courses that I did take in school. I just looked at a lot of things. And that’s how I learnt about art, by looking at it.” – Basquiat

Basquiat voor primair onderwijs, groep 1 t/m 4

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Basquiat voor het voortgezet onderwijs

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Basquiat voor primair onderwijs, groep 5 t/m 8

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Custom made

We are flexible: if you’d like to extend or shorten a museum visit, you can.We like to think along with your wishes and questions.For secondary education, a museum visit can possibly be extended with a Street Art tour, a route through Heerlen to visit art in the public space, which pupils can walk independently.Contact Team Educationand tell us your wishes.